Early in March, I moved to New York to attend the second NBA 2K League Draft. I had been to the very first one that happened last year also. The next season's draft saw significant updates to the place (Hulu Theater to the Barclays Center) and an overall jump in manufacturing NBA 2K19 MT value.The draft itself was fantastic as was the immediate aftermath, but something is still missing from the incoming participant experience. It is the exact same thing I thought was lacking from all of the games last year. The participant's likenesses need to be scanned into the game the same as real life NBA players. When we watch an NBA 2K League game, we must be taking a look at the participant avatars and every one of them must look like the individual holding the control.

With the help of R4zor, the very best 2K modder in the world, I made a vision of what a league game could look like--by a player-recognition standpoint. 2K has the ability to do what no eSport can. It may create an electronic environment where most of its eSports athletes look just like the character they are controlling. This would be a substantial move for many different reasons. Besides the fact that it just looks cool, it would also assist the players construct their personal brand.

That facial recognition allows each player to individualize themselvesand as we've seen in real-life basketball, so that individuality is crucial when it comes to setting celebrity power.That's something which both players and league should be interested in cultivating. The more stars the team can set, the more effective it's going to be, and the more earning potential the players will have. As of now, the best pick in the draft does not stick out significantly enough in the last player selected. There are a number of basic problems with the game that have to be addressed to completely remedy this aspect, but that is simply a visual representation which may be impacting.

Imagine the 2K League with an official Scan Day following the draft. It might turn into an annual tradition and another landmark moment for incoming players. The league and Buy NBA 2K Coins could create traffic on social media by posting side-by-side pictures of each player's actual photo and their scan. It seems like a win-win situation. Now, I am wondering why it didn't occur heading into Season 2.