Played WoW Classic overdue BC - ancient WOTLK for a year once I was 12, was super unhealthy (didn't understand the first thing about balancing work and play), but certainly was a incredible experience. I recall being scared getting on Ventrillo for raids my hunter was OP and I really could top DPS charts easily. Unfortunately, WoW Classic Gold's stigma had me stop, I had to sneakily play because my parents didn't approve and if I told anyone at college, I'd have been made fun of. Contemplating trying classic, I love the depth WoW Classic has and am watching these videos like crazy, but I fear that the knowledge/experience curve is too steep for me to ever enjoy WoW Classic playing marginally above casual (most nights and possibly 1 morning/afternoon around the weekend). If anyone has some input that could temper my expectation one way or another, that would be dope.

Not sure why folks want the version of WoW Classic. In my expertise on servers that are personal, WoW Classic sucks. It is like siege warfare, but without attrition, have to manage food materials, or some other way. It is literally whoever determines they've better things to do with their own life then either getting nuked when trying to cross a bridge, or even standing on the other side of the bridge nuking people that are trying to cross.

There's no dynamic element to this style of gameplay, and also the main reason WoW Classic takes 6 hours at this stage is because by that point folks on both sides or another choose to go have dinner or go to bed. And if they both do, then the battle ends in a draw because everyone left.While the boss rush is hardly optimal, I prefer it into the mess that WoW Classic was when it released. At least WoW Classic doesn't boil down to who falls asleep first.Because it isn't about fking winning. Just like almost all of OG classic it was about the journey. We loved the constant fun back and forth war that went on and who obtained their shit together finest and fastest with a good push eventually won.

This killed 25-50percent of my curiosity about WoW Classic. Among my fondest memories were when av was a BG that is lengthy. One of the greatest parts of my high level back then. The WoW Classic was among the whole points of having the vanilla WoW Classic. Do not even want it to advance in spots unless maybe for bug fixes in it. Fk , marks that are fk that are ranking. WoW Classic will not get expansions like contemporary does. then what? You are going to want a fun big ass long WoW Classic classic experience, Finding a high ranked player in WoW Classic has been so much more special in more larger WoW Classic's Even the scrubs get to find familiar and recognize the large rank/superior with that extra time. Another Battlegrounds are there for quick matches.Idk that is just dissapointing. If you receive the newest changed version compared to its pointless to distinguish from modern except for standing quicker.

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