Basic Copper Sulphate is a kind of copper sulphate used exclusively in agriculture. It is one of them. How is it safe to store copper sulphate when stored?

  1. Basic copper sulphate hazardous chemicals, so it needs to be classified and stored separately, and stored according to the designated location. There are special personnel management and special vehicles;
  2. The packaging shape of the product has no obvious trauma, complete accessories, tight closure, no leakage, and will be used according to the specified date during the trial period;
  3. The name, quantity, characteristics and methods of fighting are clearly marked on each item;
  4. Dangerous chemicals in filling or barreling should not be stored excessively. The gas in the bottle should not be used up. Generally, the residual pressure of 0.2MPa is reserved.
  5. Place the basic copper sulphate in a safe and reliable position for ventilation and heat insulation. The ventilation is generally based on natural ventilation, supplemented by mechanical ventilation to ensure good ventilation and avoid direct sunlight. Take appropriate cooling measures if necessary.
  6. Reusable hazardous chemical packaging materials and containers must be inspected strictly before use and recorded. The inspection records should be kept for at least two to three years.