Enameled Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is widely used in winding wires of motors, transformers, inductors, generators, electromagnets, coils and other workplaces.

In the past, the normally required straight diameter range of enameled wire is 0.2-2.0mm, but nowadays, thinner (diameter less than 0 .18 mm) and thicker (diameter greater than 3.0mm) enameled wires are needed in the market.

Finer enameled wire can help users reduce costs and meet more compact design requirements. Therefore, not only enameled wire, but also the whole connecting system must adopt smaller size to adapt to the narrow space area.

On the other hand, the demand for low voltage power is increasing in many different application fields. There is no doubt that the lower the voltage, the higher the current required to reach the required power. Therefore, thicker wires are needed to carry higher current. The growth of low-voltage power applications is a stable and unswerving development trend: more automation, more cordless equipment, more battery packs, more lighting, and so on.

Another trend of continuous development is that regardless of the size of enameled wire, innovation will be the focus to effectively control the assembly cost and improve the quality and stability of enameled wire connection. Most importantly, the connection and crimping of enameled wires must be reliable and stable.

Since the introduction of enameled wire, the commonly used termination techniques are fusion welding and brazing. Although effective, such thermal processes are difficult to control. In addition, they require high temperatures, which may damage enameled wires or components. At the same time, time-consuming mechanical or chemical processes are required to peel the enameled wire.

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