Special attention should be paid to the small partners who want to buy ECCA Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) recently. Recently, many inferior ECCA wire has been found in the market, even they cannot be called ECCA wire. Although they look exactly like ECCA wire on the outside, they are actually different inside.

Due to the rising copper price from time to time, many enameled wire manufacturers began to develop and produce ECCA wires, basically dealing with the problem of insufficient supply of copper enameled wires. To some extent, the rising copper price has promoted the production of ECCA wires to be widely used and have broad prospects for development.

1. ECCA wire can be used as signal transmission, but as power transmission, it is easy to cause problems, and the service life of its products will be greatly reduced.

2. Copper-clad aluminum wires and copper-clad aluminum enamels are not applicable in many areas in practice, but in fact, many enterprises are currently using transformers, which is very worrying.

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