Resistance to Water and Moisture


Both wpc foam board as well as the PVC boards offer excellent resistance to moisture and water. As the WPC boards can also resist temperature changes better, and do not expand or shrink with variations in temperature, they are even better than the PVC boards when used in humid and damp conditions.


Slip Resistance


The wood plastic composite boards offer better slip resistance because of the presence of wood grains in their built. If your deck is located in a rainy area or is exposed to water, you should prefer using the WPC boards, as they reduce the hazard of slipping, accidents, and falls.


 WPC boards offer several advantages when compared to the PVC boards. The differences between the two kinds of boards are present because of the different molecular-level composition of the boards. The WPC boards undergo greater refining and also have the necessary additives to make them more useful even in adverse conditions.