1. Look at the section. Because thicker wires can be easily seen if copper clad aluminum is used. Therefore, Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) are generally flexible wires and consist of many small filaments and many strands. But as long as the section is cut open and white (aluminum colour) can be seen, what material it is.

2. Fire method. Just use a lighter to burn, look at the phenomenon of burning and the results after burning. When copper-clad aluminum comes into contact with the flame, the conductor will droop linearly and is not easy to burn. After burning, the colour of the conductor will be grey or darker. Because the melting point of aluminum is lower than that of copper. Difference: After burning copper clad aluminum winding wire, the conductor will be broken when twisted with fingers. It is brittle and will be broken into multiple sections. If the oxygen-free bare copper wire is burned to form ball-shaped objects, the copper wire is the copper wire, and the result after burning is different with different thickness of the copper wire, and the thin wire is melted and the thick wire is the same.

3. Scrape with tools. Tinned copper wire shows yellow after scraping and is copper. After scraping, the oxygen-free bare copper wire is still primary colour and copper, while the copper clad aluminum winding wire appears Xue Huadian white. The same effect can be obtained by rubbing the silk on the cement floor. The copper clad steel wire can also be identified by this method or magnet.

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