Copper clad aluminum is a kind of metal composite material, which can exert the performance of two metal materials on one wire. Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the advantage of light specific gravity of aluminum to form a light conductive material. There is a point of view that if the resistivity of aluminum conductor is larger than that of copper conductor, the energy loss of aluminum metal material used as the conductor of power cable in the transmission process should be larger than that of copper material. According to the national recommended standard, at 20℃, the DC resistance value of a copper conductor section is equivalent to the DC resistance value of aluminum conductor corresponding to the two specifications. In other words, considering the energy loss in the transmission process, a copper conductor power cable can be completely replaced by aluminum conductor cable corresponding to the two specifications, and their current carrying capacity is equivalent.

1. Good electrical conductivity: The electrical performance of copper clad aluminum bar with the copper aluminum volume ratio of 15% or 20% is 85% of that of pure copper compared with copper bar.

2. Lightweight: the density of copper-clad aluminum bars is only 37%-40% of that of pure copper bars, and the length of the same weight is 2-2.5 times that of pure copper bars.

3. Good mechanical properties: good tensile strength, bendability and elongation.

4. Strong copper aluminum bonding: two different metal materials achieve permanent intergranular bonding between atoms in various ambient temperatures, and the copper layer is evenly distributed without any physical defects.

5. Good ductility and reliability: Through special heat treatment process, it has certain plasticity, which is conducive to no cracking and separation of punched, sheared and bent products. In order to improve the corrosion resistance, tin plating and zinc plating can be carried out on the surface of the copper layer.

6. The best selectivity: saving copper materials, greatly reducing the cost of supporting production, environmental protection and no pollution.

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