More And More China Home Appliance
    With the popularity of China Home Appliance, there are more and more appliances in the home, and the accidents of fires in household appliances are also increasing frequently. Then, how should the household appliances respond after the fire, what are the correct fire-fighting methods when the fire is on?
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-18 05:53:42 0 12
    China Air Gun Thermostat
    In order to ensure that it is easy to burn due to excessive temperature during the use of China air gun, multiple cooling holes are designed on the rear sides of the heating area. The cooling holes can keep the gun body at constant temperature while cooling quickly. State, effectively preventing the gun body temperature from being too high.
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    Ice Cream Showcase is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, famous cigarettes, famous wines, pharmacies, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, stationery, automotive supplies, 4S shop models, plastic products, cosmetics stores, factory product showrooms, Products such as the sample hall of the foreign trade company can also be used for corporate fairs, and can design multiple styles to make the products show higher highlights. Visi Cooler has...
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    China Glue Gun Has A Wide Range Of Uses
    China glue gun has many uses, the most important one is to help the bonding effect. Because the fastening is more prominent, we find that the product plays a very important role in many fields.
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-09 02:12:02 0 18
    China Home Appliance Good Performance
    In order to achieve good thermal insulation properties, Upright Showcase must select the right raw materials to control the bulk density and cell diameter in the optimal range. The vertical freezer has a larger effective volume. The technical parameters of high-quality vertical freezer and vertical freezer are all in accordance with the requirements of international standards, and have passed the sampling inspections by the State Quality and Technical Supervision Agency over the years. The...
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-06 02:51:28 0 18
    China Glue Gun Inspection Bracket
    Before plugging in the power supply, please check whether the power cord is intact, whether the bracket is ready, and whether the used glue gun has glue.Before using the glue gun, please warm up for 3-5 minutes. When the China glue gun is not in use, stand upright on the table top (or ground).
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-04 02:14:20 0 21
    Commercial Appliance Security Issues
    Commercial Appliance user management: Group, factory, workshop, team structure at a glance, fine management of authority, improve work efficiency; equipment file: equipment basic file information and drawing data information and two-dimensional code binding, personnel scan code to quickly obtain equipment information; Safety management: real-time feedback on safety issues, so that the site can completely eliminate hidden dangers; equipment inspection: the inspection plan is set freely, and...
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-03 03:04:36 0 22
    China Glue Gun Route Selection
    China glue gun maintenance angle: whether the surface of the object is flat, vertical, bevel or side, the spray should always be perpendicular to the surface to be coated.The choice of spray route: should be determined according to the type of paint and the geometry of the object, generally including the following spray methods.
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-02 02:34:55 0 18
    China Home Appliance Dry Seal
    China Home Appliance should be powered off when not in use for a long time. Then the inside of the refrigerator must be cleaned and sealed inside. After the refrigerator has been used for a period of time, if there is no automatic defrosting function, the freezer will be frosted and must be manually defrosted periodically.
    By Jia Chen 2019-08-30 04:00:18 0 28
    Air Compressor Reciprocating
    The air compressor relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston to compress the gas in the cylinder, usually by the crank linkage mechanism to convert the rotary motion of the prime mover into the reciprocating motion of the piston. A rotary compressor is a gas compression that is achieved by a change in volume generated when a rotor in a cylinder rotates. The rotary compressor can also be divided into a variety of different structural types such as rotary, scroll, screw and slide.
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