About AFRI Buddies

AFRI Buddies is an online social networking service that enable users from all over Africa, America, Europe and surrounding areas to communicate with one another, this service makes it possible to connect with people who share interest and activities across political, economic, and geographic borders.

AFRI Buddies is a platform to build social networks among people who share similar interests, activities, backgrounds, or real life connections, registered users will be able to communicate via direct messages, share ideas, post pictures, activities, events, and interest with people in their network.

AFRI Buddies is a unique platform for Africans to communicate with people all over the world and to keep up with current affairs in all sectors, it is also a great platform for Africans that are abroad to stay connected with whats going on in Africa.

A social networking service that is free active, entertaining, fun filled, and sociable, This social networking platform is for all ages, races and genders.

AFRI Buddies was founded by a group of creative and innovative individuals from Houston Texas in 2014, their vision was to connect the world with Africa and connect Africa with the world.